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Dress Youth
The AHA moment for your wardrobe "Dress Youth is made from classy grey mélange with red handembroidery. The high-quality cashmere and the oversized turtleneck are designed for ultimate comfort. Color: grey, red Made in Italy "

550,00 €*
Turtleneck Kissing Balloon
Sizes: XS
A little bit of edge"Turtleneck Nesselwang, made with 100% Swiss wool, is embroidered on the callarbone with the LD-13 Kissing balloons. Color: black, red Made in Bulgaria"

72,00 €*
Pants Balloons
Sizes: M
Trust you instinct. Move freely. With a low cut, flexible fit, and premium finish, the Pants Balloons are perfect for active and stylish people. They have a whimsical envelope pocket, a unique cut, and just enough edge to bring your outfit to the next level.

120,00 €*
Jacket Mephisto
Sizes: L
Blazer from a new perspective"The Methisto Jacket plays with innovative cuts and deliberate draping. The jacket is characterized by shortened sleeves, a button at the waist, and a loose fit. The embroideries complete the look. Seam zippers are located on the pockets. Color: black, red Made in Portugal"

355,00 €*
Dress Venus
Sizes: M
Art in every detail "Dress Venus stands out with an asymmetrical cut made of garment and leaves the legs exposed. For contrast, embroidery made from renewable natural fibers are used. It has a zipper in the back. Color: black, red Made in Portugal"

330,00 €*


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