“Fashion is the expression of my being. I want to inspire people and communities – in the fashion industry and beyond – offering a value system and creative mindset that challenge our consumption, the ways we interact with our ecosystem, and the ways we interact with each other.” – Lisa Deurer

LD-13 designer and visionary Lisa Deurer studied fashion at Parsons School of Design in New York. After obtaining her degree in 2021, she completed an art residency with Isabella Rossellini at Mama Farm in Long Island. It was here that Lisa developed her Farm-to-Wardrobe US wool supply chain. She then went on to found her avant-garde womenswear / genderless label, LD-13.

All LD-13 designs consider their origins and their consequences.

“I want to raise my voice in the fashion industry, questioning the structures in place through collaborations and educational platforms - all the while keeping design, art, and craftsmanship at the center of my practice.” – Lisa Deurer

instagram: @lisadeurer