T-Shirt Kissing Balloons
Sizes: XS
The feeling of building a community"T-Shirt Kissing Balloons is characterized by a rib knit trim on neckline, with graphic and logo printed on t-shirt. Color: white Made in Portugal "

85,00 €*
T-Shirt Sheep
Sizes: XS
Adding meaning through design "The Sheep T-Shirt is made from 100% organic cotton. The print on the front features the Romedale sheep and is bordered by LD-13 statements. Color: black, white Made in Portugal"

165,00 €*
Turtleneck Nesselwang
Sizes: XS
A little bit of edge"Turtleneck Nesselwang, made with 100% Swiss wool, is embroidered on the callarbone with the LD-13 Kissing balloons. Color: black, red Made in Bulgaria"

150,00 €*