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Cape Artery
LD-13 iconic capeOur red Cape Artery of premium cashmere yarn distinguishes itself with red hand-embroidered merino wool felted arteries. With its play-in texture, it's always an aha moment on the street. Featured in many magazines and limited in stock, our red cape is an iconic signature piece that soon be a favorite piece in one's wardrobe.

520,00 €*
Cape Bomber
Sizes: S
the reversible capeThe reversible Cape Bomber can be worn in red or black, as it is fully reversible. It has two pockets and invisible zippers at the arms to ensure mobility. Our black & red reversible cape is limited in stock and meticulously crafted in Germany, where every piece exudes quality, uniqueness, and craftsmanship from every stitch. 

850,00 €*
Dress Venus
Sizes: L
the black dress with its little details Our black Dress Venus with its red embroidered details is a celebration of artistry in fashion. The asymmetrical cut and exposed legs make it a canvas for creative expression. The meticulous embroidery crafted from renewable natural fibers adds depth and texture while the invisible zipper in the back makes this piece whole. Available in limited stock, it's a standout piece for your wardrobe. Each dress is meticulously crafted in Portugal, inviting you to wear art at every step.

390,00 €*
Dress Youth
Sizes: S
the oversized cashmere sweater Our oversized grey sweater with its unique red graphic embroidery made of 100% cashmere, is the elevated aha moment for the cold seasons combining comfort with a chic style for the modern lifestyle. We also limited our knit sweaters in stock such as every piece you find in-store. 

650,00 €*
Jacket Mephisto
Sizes: L
the blazer with an edgeOur Blazer Mephisto is a fresh take on the black blazer staple in one's wardrobe. With innovative cuts, in-seam pockets, and deliberate draping, it features shortened sleeves, a waist button, and a loose fit, all accentuated by intricate embroideries. The edgy take on a blazer elevates your street and evening outfits. Available in classic black with bold red details, the edgy take on a blazer elevates your street and evening outfits. Each unisex blazer is meticulously crafted in Portugal, ensuring exceptional quality and timeless style.

450,00 €*
Pants Balloons
Sizes: M
the low crotch, to move freelyOur Pants Balloons, where instinct meets freedom. With the low-crotch pants, flexible fit, and premium finish, the Pants Balloons are a perfect cut for a unisex fit crafted for the modern lifestyle. Available in classic black, with an envelop pocket, making them versatile for any occasion. Each pair is meticulously crafted in Portugal, ensuring unparalleled quality and timeless style in every stitch.

160,00 €*
Skirt Gretchen
Sizes: S
elegance and timeless design in one Our Skirt Gretchen is essential in one's wardrobe where elegance and timeless design are perfected. This knee-length marvel features two layers of transparent silk organza, delicately lined with cream silk crepe de chine. The mesmerizing spray effect adds an extra layer of allure to every step you take while adding a soft side to your unique look. Crafted with precision in Poland, each piece reflects our dedication to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

290,00 €*
T-Shirt Kissing Balloon
Sizes: XS
the T-shirt, to bridge with our communityOur white T-shirt Kissing Balloon is characterized by a graphic print showing two red balloons kissing on the left front and the back of the T-shirt. Crafted in Portugal, this piece exudes quality and craftsmanship from every stitch.

50,00 €*
T-Shirt Sheep
Sizes: XS
A t-shirt, with a different design perspectiveOur black T-shirt Sheep, where design meets purpose. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, it offers a slightly oversized fit for comfort and a unisex style. The focal point? A striking print of the Romedale sheep adorns the front, bordered by LD-13 statements, adding depth and meaning to your style. Available in classic black or crisp white, this t-shirt embodies versatility and timeless appeal, perfect for any occasion. Produced and ethically made in Portugal, each shirt reflects our commitment to quality and responsible production practices. 

60,00 €*
Turtleneck Kissing Balloon
Sizes: XS
an essentialThe black turtleneck Kissing Balloon is an essential in one's wardrobe. This iconic piece is crafted from 100% Swiss wool and embodies timeless elegance with a contemporary twist. The standout feature? Delicate LD-13 Kissing balloon embroidery adorns the collarbone, adding a touch of personality to your ensemble. Available in classic black, this turtleneck effortlessly elevates any outfit with its versatility and style. Designed and meticulously crafted in Bulgaria, this piece exudes quality and craftsmanship from every stitch. 

80,00 €*
Vest Faustus
Sizes: S
the hand-painted VestVest Faustus stands out with its hand-painted features which are all personalized by the designer by drawing with a SHARPIE the print on the Vest. Each piece holds a one-of-a-kind print, has a unisex fit, and is limited in stock. The Vest is a 100% virgin wool polyurethane coating made in Germany.

750,00 €*